Information - School Hours & Pupil Free Days

School Hours

Monday           8:45am - 2:20pm

Tuesday          8:45am - 3:10pm

Wednesday     8:45am - 3:10pm

Thursday         8:45am - 3:10pm

Friday              8:45am - 3:10pm

School Break Times:

  • Recess time - 10:50am - 11:20am
  • Lunch time - 1:00pm -1:30pm

*Recess and lunch times may vary depending on the class curriculum.

 Arrival in the Morning

  • Staff are on duty from 8.30am to receive students.
  • Students should not arrive before 8.30am.
  • Latecomers are required to report to to front office for students to be recorded as present.

 School Office Hours: 8:30am – 3:30pm Monday – Friday

Pupil Free Days 

The school has 4 Pupil Free days throughout the year for the purpose of staff professional learning and one school closure day.  The days are determined at the beginning of each school year and approved by the Governing Council.