Learning - Work Experience Programs

Work Experience Programs

Adelaide East Education Centre are currently in partnership with two different work experience providers to expose our students to a fully functioning work environment and open up post school employment opportunities for students.


A small group of students currently attend work experience at Bedford. The work at Bedford consists of real time work in a commercial factory where the students are bound by workplace rules and regulations. Our students form a production line, each one doing a different task, so team work is critical to keep the product flowing smoothly. At times they also work with current employees at Bedford allowing them opportunities to develop their social skills. 

Product Action

Product Action is a factory located on OG Road, Klemzig. It specialises in blister packing, labelling, assembly, liquid filling, packaging and shrink wrapping. Students sit at tables labelling or packaging products, usually dog treats like pig's ears or rawhide bones, which are then boxed and sent off to sales outlets like pet shops and supermarkets. Students must undergo an induction process and also learn the Work Health and Safety rules before starting their work experience.