About Us - Annual Report

Annual Report

Adelaide East Education Centre (AEEC) is a Department for Education DfE) secondary school facility, catering for the needs of secondary aged students with intellectual disabilities and other complex needs.  Student enrolment in 2019 was 55. The 2020 enrolment is 60. Class sizes average 8 students with a minimum of one school service officer (SSO) allocated to each classroom. 

AEEC provides a broad practical curriculum, integrating community partnership activities specifically designed to suit the needs of the individual student, parent and family. Every student has a Negotiated Education Plan (NEP) which is developed in Term 1 and reviewed with families and service providers at the beginning of Term 3. Programming is differentiated and individualised to accommodate every student and incorporates social and emotional learning. AEEC also provides work education options for students.

Successful learning outcomes for all students are achieved through authentic, student centred learning opportunities as well as a range of specialised teaching methodologies and strategies. AEEC aims to provide all students with learning opportunities and a comprehensive education which will enable them to achieve their full potential, whilst increasing their well-being and overall quality of life.  Fundamentally, the school aims to provide an environment which is safe, inclusive, socially just, empowering, and conducive to learning. Students are encouraged to develop greater accountability for their learning.

2020 Highlights


  • City Based Transport Training - increasing independence and confidence in the community;
  • Café Program - 7 students completed a Certificate I Hospitality- developing food preparation, cooking and service skills. 
  • Graduation of 12 students.
  • Certificate 1 in IT
  • Staff presentation at Rotary Club, St Peters.
  • One of 50 schools to achieve “High achievement” in the Premier’s Be Active Schools
  • Rotary Grant for the purchase of sensory equipment.
  • Sporting Grant – Coaches came to the school for a variety of sports coaching including basketball, golf, football and soccer.
  • 3 teachers presented at Partnership.
  • Negotiated Education Plan night – parents/carers, students and staff planned agreed goals for the year.
  • Community Access programs, weekly whole school sports sessions.
  • Bike Riding on Fridays including long Bike Rides once a Term.
  • Work place experience at Bedford Industry and Product Action.
  • Professional learning Communities

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