Specialist programs

Find out about the specialist programs our school offers.


Qualified swimming instructors are employed by Department of Education to provide each student with one swimming session per week for a semester. This is part of a student’s Health and Physical Education curriculum. A swimming consent form must be updated annually. ​

Please ensure bathers and towels are named and sent to school on your child’s swimming day in a waterproof bag. Students are transported on school buses to The Parks Recreation & Sports Centre.

Community Access

At AEEC, students can regularly go on community access. This can include visiting a local park, shopping centres, different libraries, community sports activities, a gym and the beach.​

Community access provides opportunities for students to build independence skills, resilience and autonomy in the community. The aim is for students to go to the shops to purchase and exchange goods of services with minimal support. Community access also provides students opportunities to visit new places and sometimes catch public transport.

Cafe Program

Café Training provides students an opportunity to practice hospitality skills in a safe environment and commercial kitchen.​

Each week students plan, cook, serve and clean. The gym is set up as a restaurant where the whole school can order, sit and eat lunch as a community.

Bike Education / Health Program

Bike Education/Health Program

This program has an emphasis on personal health, diet, physical activity, communication and participation in bicycle riding.

The learning program in this subject provides students with opportunities for focused development of the following capabilities:

  • Personal development (including fitness)
  • Learning
  • Citizenship
  • Bicycle riding

The key areas in the Bike/Health program are designed to meet individual student needs in a range of Outdoor Education related issues. Learning in Health helps students to develop Outdoor Ed literacy and understand how personal actions and decisions affect fitness, health and wellbeing. They develop the knowledge and skills to participate in an active, healthy lifestyle and to ride effectively as a group on roads and trails.

Key areas:

  • Personal health issues in daily life
  • Practical – Behaving appropriately
  • Lifestyle and Environment (To encourage the students to understand the value of healthy living and to adapt these principals to their lives).
  • Diet and physical activity
  • Communicating with others
  • Making friends
  • Respecting others whilst riding and working out at the gym

Transition to Work

We offer several Work Experience options for our senior students based on their abilities.

We currently work in partnership with Mobo, Product Action, Orana and Barkuma.

For more information, please contact our SACE and Transition Coordinator.